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Wholesale supplies

For all those energy resellers or large industrial energy consumers that do not wish to directly register with the energy hubs and exchanges, but are nevertheless interested in having access to the best available market conditions and prices indirectly, Openlogs (through its subsidiary EnerPartner) offers opportunities for supplies of natural gas and electricity delivered locally, at the customer's premises (plant or city-gate).


Enerpartner sources on the relevant exchanges and delivers electricity locally, reaching over 50,000 end-consumers.

Natural gas

Natural gasIn addition to supplying electricity and natural gas to resellers, EnerPartner also provides large industrial consumers with simplified access to the natural gas wholesale markets. This is a highly innovative model: through an online portal, EnerPartner's customers have access to real-time quotations of the relevant wholesale markets; as soon as the industrial consumer wants to hedge/fix the price of of all or part of its supply, EnerPartner operates on the markets in order to source the volumes requested. The natural gas is then delivered straight to the customer's plant, hassle-free and with no need for major investments.