years in the energy markets


> 2 bcm
natural gas bought and sold

> 150 GWh
electricity bought and sold

consumers supplied with our electricity

5+ filling stations

Openlogs is a modern energy company, founded in 2010 by industry professionals with over 10 years of prior experience in Europe's deregulated natural gas and electricity markets. In 2001, Openlogs professionals had been responsible for the first independent import of gas from the Netherlands to Italy.

Our driving vision is to share our unique know-how and operating structure with customers, local energy resellers, large industrial consumers, energy producers and financial institutions, who want to operate effectively on the energy markets.

We also strive to be integrated: over time, our initial consulting and outsourcing business grew to encompass a diverse range of activities: proprietary natural gas and electricity trading, wholesale supplies to resellers and large industrial consumers (through our subsidiary EnerPartner), sales and investments in sustainable mobility infrastructure (through our joint-venture Ekomobil).

The group's parent company Gruppo Openlogs S.r.l. is registered in Milan (Italy). The bulk of our operations is done out of Switzerland (Cantone Ticino), from the offices of the subsidiary Openlogs SA.

An ownership structure still in the hands of the founders, together with significant profit sharing at the senior management level, fuels a corporate culture centred around outside-the-box entrepreneurial thinking, long-term planning, preservation of capital and a responsible approach to risk.

As an entity that is totally independent from other operators in the energy sector, we take pride in our honesty and freedom of judgement, our strict observance of data and information confidentiality, and our respect for the markets: these are the cornerstones on which we've built our reputation.

Sustained innovation is not just our corporate mantra. It is a way of living and interacting. Every day, we challenge conventional structures and practices, in search of the next competitive edge.