We operate a proprietary international trading business in natural gas and electricity. Our highly responsible approach to risk and fast turnover of positions, together with a deep knowledge of the European energy markets, have allowed us to be consistently profitable throughout the years.

Our trading activity was initially born to support our consulting and outsourced operations 24/7, expanding over the years to cover the main European natural gas hubs (such as PSV, TTF, NCG, AUT VTP) and electricity exchange platforms.

Openlogs is able to offer its customers and partners, who often start operating on the wholesale markets thanks to our consulting and outsourced services, access to "odd size" volumes or illiquid products as well as to specific solutions and structures that allow them to manage price risk efficiently – an invaluable service at a fair price.


We trade both bilaterally and through cleared exchanges (e.g. ICE, EEX, GME), and deal with both physical and financial contracts. Normal starting duration ranges from intra-day up to a maximum of 12-18 months in the future.

We have successfully developed co-management agreements with third parties, in order to maximise the value of trading portfolios external to our proprietary one.

Openlogs is specialized in extracting the maximum available value from natural gas storage and transportation contracts, be they proprietary assets or belonging to our partners.
We are interested in purchasing, off-taking and dispatching the electricity produced by small power plants of different types.

Our traders, who are among the most experienced in the business, routinely share their market forecasts and analyses with clients and partners.

At Openlogs, risk-management has always been so central, accurate and "real-time" that all the skills and know-how acquired through our own trading operation are now shared with third parties through dedicated consulting services. Furthermore, our Tableau ETRM software is now used by several major utilities.