Openlogs DESK


Proprietary IT solutions to safely and automatically manage the processes and large amounts of data typical of the energy business.Openlogs offers specific solutions for operations such as:

  • Gas and power messaging towards TSOs, storage operators, exchanges and counterparties
  • Forecasting gas and power consumption through our proprietary Gas Planner™ and Power Planner™ modules
  • Aggregated insight and automated viewing of large data sets (e.g. allocations and measures)
  • Measuring and controlling specific risk metrics such as VAR (value at risk)
  • Automated management of confirmations as well as REMIT/EMIR Reporting

Openlogs' flagship software is Openlogs® DESK, developed and perfected over the years for the company's own independent trading activity, and now available to third party traders/wholesalers. Designed by traders for the traders.

While it is highly reliable and complete, Tableau stands out from other ETRM solutions due to its highly intuitive and "pragmatic" approach.
It is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) at a cost accessible even to small/medium-size utility companies. An excellent choice for the sourcing/trading office of a local energy reseller.

Among other things, Openlogs® DESK can:

Record, show and report transactions, both physical and financial "(trade capture")

Provide an intuitive real-time view (shared through the Cloud) of the trading portfolio position, either aggregated or segmented down to the single transaction, in terms of exposure to the market, risk and profitability

Constantly monitor the level of financial risk in terms of VAR (Value at Risk) and of credit risk relatively to the limits set for each single counterpart

Manage prices and market quotations imported from different external data sources

Integrate with the back-office and its systems (confirmations, EMIR/REMIT, reconciliations, invoicing support, etc.)

Connect with forecasting modules, nomination tools and services, as well as other logistic IT solutions developed by Openlogs

Plan prospective cash flows (for single transactions and aggregated)

Assess the value of gas in storage on a daily basis

Evaluate the fair-value of derivative contracts in real-time, fully satisfying the requirements of the most recent Italian and international accounting standards

Show the aggregated cross-commodity position: natural gas, electricity, LNG

Easily be customised based on the expectations of each corporation or function within the company

Be constantly and automatically updated thanks to the continuous upgrades and improvements developed by Openlogs

It is even more powerful when integrated with other modules and services offered by Openlogs:

Price analysis module

Market fundamentals module

Gas Planner and Power Planner (consumption forecast)

Outsourced operations (24/7)