Operatività per terzi (24/7)

Outsourced operations 24/7

Openlogs carries out a range of operations on behalf of customer, dealing with the transport, storage and balancing of natural gas and the dispatching of electricity.

Our customers, energy resellers, large industrial energy consumers or financial institutions, can focus on the commercial and strategic aspects of their businesses, while our experienced team takes care of all the operational tasks and processes, in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These are some of the services we have been providing, meticulously and professionally, every day since 2010:

Planning, booking and managing gas transport, storage and distribution capacity – both in Italy and on the main international systems

Real-time forecasting of gas and power consumption, through our proprietary IT/statistical models "Gas Planner" and "Power Planner"

Managing transactions on the main hubs (e.g. PSV, TTF, NCG, AUT VTP) and exchanges (IPEX, GME)

Nomination of gas flows through automated solutions (e.g. AS4, AS2, Edig@s)

Dispatching of electricity

Balancing actions based on specific mandates, 24/7

Monitoring and reporting operational data, web-based and in real-time

Other activities include:

Interfacing and negotiating with counterparties/TSOs, within the scope of our agreed mandate

EMIR/REMIT reporting

Fulfilment of regulatory and statistical obligations

Reference for external service providers (e.g. invoicing, accounting), auditors and other stake-holders

Our services are performed on behalf of customers, either in the name of the customers themselves or in Openlogs' name (e.g. using our own transport and storage contracts). In the case of this latter option, bringing together different logistic positions in Openlogs' aggregated portfolio can yield significant benefits.