Aziende del gruppo

Our companies

Openlogs first developed as a consulting and service-providing company for outsourced logistics and 24/7 operations. Its quest for continuous improvement has taken it today to be a modern and dynamic integrated energy company that offers trading and risk-management solutions, software for the energy business, wholesale supplies of gas, LNG and electricity. It also develops and manages proprietary assets for a more sustainable mobility.

Gruppo Openlogs S.r.l.

Founded in 2010 in Milan (Italy), this is the group's parent company. From an operative standpoint, the company supplies Outsourced operations (24/7) and provides Consulting services within Italy.

Openlogs SA

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Gruppo Openlogs, based in Vacallo (Canton Ticino, Switzerland). It operates an independent trading business on different international energy hubs and exchanges. it also supplies Outsourced operations (24/7) and provides Consulting to customers outside Italy.
It uses, develops and markets our proprietary software and Tableau ETRM solutions.


EnerPartner S.r.l.

An affiliate company in which Gruppo Openlogs holds a 40% stake. It is a wholesale supplier of electricity and natural gas to local resellers, reaching over 50,000 end consumers.
Furthermore, it provides innovative services that allow direct, competitive market access to large industrial energy consumers.


Ekomobil S.r.l.

A 50% joint-venture of Gruppo Openlogs, it develops and operates CNG, LNG and electricity filling stations.
Sourcing its energy on the wholesale international markets, it supplies it to end consumers through its local proprietary filling stations. It also installs recharging stations for electric vehicles and develops opportunities in the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG, or biomethane ) sector.