We've been active on the international electricity and natural gas markets since 2001. We've built an integrated energy business from scratch, and we operate it day after day.

We are always happy to share our expertise, our strategic insight, our organisational and operational solutions and our international contacts. We are also available to transfer our best tools and know-how.

We manage various types of projects within the energy business, but in each one of them, we inject the same passion for sharing and the same determination to build successful long-term relationships. Spirit of enterprise is a key value for Openlogs, and we always advise our clients as if it was our own company.

Selected case studies:

Openlogs supported a large local multi-utility during the start-up of an independent wholesale activity (natural gas and electricity): we transferred know-how and trained their employees, supported their registration with trading and operational partners, and managed day-to-day operations on their behalf.

Openlogs supported the upper management of a local reseller in managing the company throughout the first phase of development, after the company itself was spun-off from a larger utility following an antitrust ruling.

Openlogs assisted a German energy multinational interested in developing a business model and drafting an appropriate business plan in view of its entry into the Italian market. Employee training was provided.

Openlogs supported a European utility in managing the logistics of the supplies to their power stations in Italy. This included navigating the complicated financial requirements and bank guarantees required for accessing the transportation contracts.

Openlogs designed and executed an optimal procurement strategy on behalf of a major Italian industrial group.

Openlogs supported an Italian utility in designing an optimal structure of profit/cost centres, defining a suitable performance/risk measurement for their portfolio management function and drafting their corporate risk policies (market and credit risk), as well as in implementing and adapting our proprietary Tableau ETRM software in their processes.

We routinely meet with our partners to discuss regulatory developments in the industry, and our traders, who are among the most experienced in the business, openly share their forecasts and analyses.